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“Humane Box Trapping of Dogs” Training Video

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THIS IS THE ONLY TRAINING VIDEO ON BOX TRAPPING DOGS!   Proceeds go to producing more training resources.

This extensive video trains the volunteer and professional how to use the box trap to catch dogs for disaster response, animal control, rescue operations, and spay/neuter programs. Dr. Johnson guides you through each step with exceptional detail, great close-ups and over 40 tips for successful captures. 37 minutes long plus an Extras Section.

Nine sections covering the following topics:

Humane Box Trapping of Dogs  delivers by providing a great blend of basic and advanced canine live capture techniques. Dr. Mark Johnson brings his international, wild animal, and compassionate veterinary backgrounds together to create a video that has new techniques and concepts that will improve any dog trapping program or individual’s capture technique.”

Dave Pauli, Senior Director for Wildlife Response, HSUS Animal Care Centers

GWR Aluminum Y Pole – 2 Piece

global-wildlife-resources-y-pole-human-animal-capturingy-pole1y-pole9Net w Y poles The Y Pole - an essential tool for sheltersThe Y pole is a unique tool to humanely and safely handle fearful and fear-aggressive dogs. It is truly an essential tool for every animal shelter, rescue program, and disaster responder. This is the lightest yet sturdiest Y pole available. Dr. Mark Johnson, who introduced the Y pole to the animal welfare community, has designed the perfect pole for animal shelters and animal control. The two-piece handle easily screws together and makes it portable in vehicles and the shorter length can be used in confined kennel spaces. This well-built aluminum Y pole needs padding before being used with dogs. Padding and full directions are enclosed. Before wrapping, you have the option to cut the tines shorter for working with smaller dogs.

The total handle length is 4.5 feet (1.4m). Each tine is 6.5 in (16cm). Weight is 1¼ lbs (1kg). You receive the 2-piece aluminum Y pole, two 6.5″ PVC sleeves, closed-cell foam padding, and complete directions. Duct tape is required.

Price: $115. Price includes free shipping within the continental United States.


Learn How to Use the Y Pole Successfully

The Y Pole – One Cool Tool (PDF) article from Sheltering Magazine
Visit the Y Pole Page for the complete Y pole story.
YouTube Channel GWRFeralDogs: Watch videos on using the Y pole with shelter dogs.

Directions for wrapping Y pole (PDF) is included (See also The Y Pole Page for directions.)

Price includes free shipping within the continental United States.

“This course is definitely a must for anyone pursuing a career in wildlife. It was so beneficial in many ways, I can’t imagine not taking the course. Mark Johnson is a remarkable wildlife professional and instructor.”

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