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Will GWR wildlife courses certify people to capture, drug, and handle wildlife?

There is no universal state or national certification program. Some states have specific certification programs and the National Park Service and USDA Wildlife Services have their own certification programs.

My courses meet the needs of certification for every US and Canadian certification program that my participants have addressed so far, including the National Park Service and USDA Wildlife Services.

If you wish to know if my course addresses certification for a specific state or national program, you should contact the person coordinating that program and ask them while providing a course announcement and general wildlife course outline with labs. I can also provide you with a copy of my resume.

I am happy to guide you through this process though you will have to contact the agency yourself.   You will be given a Certificate of Training at the end of the course as proof of your training.

Mark R. Johnson DVM

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“This course is definitely a must for anyone pursuing a career in wildlife. It was so beneficial in many ways, I can’t imagine not taking the course. Mark Johnson is a remarkable wildlife professional and instructor.”

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