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Using Non-Physical Tools To Catch Dogs

Posted on Friday July 20th, 2012

Dr. Mark teaching at MN Zoo.
A few weeks ago I taught a short customized wolf capture and handling workshop to the animal caretakers at the Minnesota Zoo.  We first spent an afternoon in the classroom and the fo ...

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Social Dominance in Canids is Not a Myth

Posted on Thursday March 1st, 2012

There is so much confusion when dominance in canids is discussed.   It actually is not that confusing.  Much of the confusion arises when “experts” attempt to re-state the findings of canid experts ...

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My Apologies for the Quiet Time for this Blog

Posted on Friday February 17th, 2012

Dear friends and colleagues,
I apologize for not adding posts to this blog for some time and there are several of you who have sent me questions which I have not responded to. (My apologies especially to Pam and ...

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“It is absolutely essential that this experience be offered to students in the future. It was a learning experience above and beyond all others. There is absolutely no way to describe this other than an invaluable life-experience.”

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