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Testimonial 1

Posted on Friday August 10th, 2012

Mark Johnson is an exceptional instructor. He teaches with an enthusiasm rarely seen. That enthusiasm is contagious and the entire class benefits. He is also very good at clarifying the points he makes during class.

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Testimonial 2

Posted on Tuesday July 10th, 2012

An excellent course. It is nice to have a hands-on course that is very applicable to the real world.

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Testimonial 4

Posted on Thursday May 10th, 2012

I was impressed with the detail-oriented approach and the attention directed at the welfare of the animal. Also, I liked how Mark made it clear to always look at our job from the “outside”, evaluate it, and p ...

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Testimonial 5

Posted on Tuesday April 10th, 2012

It is absolutely essential that this experience be offered to students in the future. It was a learning experience above and beyond all others. There is absolutely no way to describe this other than an invaluable ...

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“This is a hands-on course with heart and muscle. And breath. Dr. Mark Johnson delivers everything he promises and even more in the way of inspiration. I attended as a non-professional with a biology background and appreciated every lecture/discussion and lab. Mark leads with creativity and enthusiasm but also knows when to let attendees experience the uncertainties inherent in learning curves. He’s great with all animals, four-legged and two.” - Kris Ellingsen, January 2012.

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